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There’s a lot happening in Washington D.C. that can have a huge impact on the promotional products industry.  We need our legislators to know that what they do affect us-affects our businesses, our budges, our livelihoods.

As your associations, PPAI and PPAChicago is vocal, visible and vigilant in Washington D.C. From voicing concerns that affect the industry through relationships with lobbyists to tracking legislative issues on a state-by-state basis, PPAI and PPAChicago is committed to taking action.

Join PPAChicago, PPAI and your industry in making an impact.  Take the pledge today:

  • I pledge...
  • ... to call one of my congress people every month
  • ... to visit www.ppailaw.org once a month and send an email to my members of Congress
  • ... to forward that action item to six people, asking them to do the same
  • In doing so, I will create meaningful relationships with my representatives and become a voice for the promotional products industry.

To sign and submit this pledge, visit http://www.ppai.org/lawpledge

Be sure to visit PPAI’s Legislative Action Watch Page to keep an eye out for Legislation that can impact our industry http://www.ppai.org/inside-ppai/ppai-law/legislative-action-watch


What is RAC?

The Regional Association Council (RAC) exists to foster cooperation and positive relationships among the regional and national not-for-profit trade associations engaged in the promotional products industry; provide a governance and administrative structure for the participating regional associations; coordinate planning and support for meetings, cooperative projects and services; and to develop and implement strategic programs and services that meet the common interests and needs of the industry.

Any regional association whose members conduct business in the promotional products industry is qualified for membership in RAC.  Each member shall appoint a person to be its RAC delegate, and this person shall represent, vote and act for the member in all RAC affairs.  There are 27 regional associations in the promotional products industry, all of which belong to RAC.

RAC members are organized into five districts, as approved by the delegate assembly. Each member’s delegate shall form the membership of the district governing body.  From those bodies, two delegates will be selected to serve on the RAC Board of Directors.

Visit http://www.regionalassociation.org/RAC to learn more about RAC